The Fibre Café is the latest innovation from Strategic Imperatives, the UK market leader in SaaS provisioning solutions.

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking technology company pioneering open, innovative, and intuitive cloud native solutions in a fast-evolving telecoms market. The solutions we provide consistently create genuine competitive advantage and transform how our customers do business.

At the Fibre Café, we are unashamedly a team of geeks with unparalleled domain knowledge and understanding of the UK fibre, fixed line and broadband market’s dynamics, players, and regulatory landscape. Our Fibre Gateway addresses the challenges faced by AltNets, connectivity and service providers like nothing else. It solves pain points that are barriers to a connected digital Britain and enables an integrated, equal, and cost-effective fibre wholesale market in the UK.

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Our solutions are used by over 200 leading and emerging communication providers who rely on us to bill, provision, and manage millions of lines, traditional broadband and fibre connections. Our B2B gateway processes over 250,000 transactions per day for our customers.

‘Revolution’, ‘innovation’ and ‘disruption’ are often sensationalist claims but The Fibre Gateway is already transforming, streamlining, and futureproofing fibre provisioning and creating a sustainable route to market for AltNets of all sizes.

Our credentials:

  • Delivering proven, innovative, and scalable SaaS solutions to the UK telecoms industry
  • Rich history of engagement in and contribution to the telecoms regulatory landscape
  • Existing relationships with many of the UK’s fibre and service providers
  • Powered the rollout of LLU, fixed line and multi-supplier provisioning solutions in the UK
  • Day one engagement with the industry and the OTA with respect to the EECC switching initiative
  • Working with the NICC, We have taken a leading part in defining industry wide NGA provisioning standards

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