Case Study: XLN’s go-to-market strategy

XLN, a trading name of Daisy Comms, the largest independent provider of telecoms and broadband in the UK, has transformed its go-to-market strategy with the help of The Fibre Café from Strategic Imperatives. XLN’s mission is to help small businesses save money on their telecoms and energy bills.

XLN faced a number of challenges in integrating with its connectivity providers. The process was time-consuming and expensive. Adding further providers required bespoke integration processes, resulting in prohibitively high costs and long timescales.

The Fibre Café provided XLN with a solution that has transformed its ability to work with new and existing suppliers.  The integration process with The Fibre Café was seamless and straightforward, enabling XLN to automate their BT Wholesale fibre provisioning processes in record time.  

The platform has given the company commercial flexibility that was previously impossible, making it more competitive in a challenging and fluid market.

XLN’s Director of Technology, Zaheer Riaz, commented, “Our mission is to keep Britain working, and as a technology-driven company, we rely on automation to efficiently scale our operations. The Fibre Café has given us a clear strategic advantage by greatly simplifying integration with multiple suppliers and eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming development. This level of commercial flexibility is simply not possible with the traditional market approach to supplier integration.”

By working with The Fibre Café, XLN has expanded its supplier portfolio, reduced costs, and reached more customers than ever before. The platform has allowed XLN to quickly and easily add new providers and AltNets without any further development or infrastructure investment, strategically transforming its ability to adapt to the ever-changing telecoms landscape.

XLN’s partnership with The Fibre Café and Strategic Imperatives is a testament to the platform’s success in helping communication providers become more agile, flexible, and competitive.