Strategic Imperatives Introduces an Open API for The Fibre Café

Strategic Imperatives, a trailblazer in telecommunications and connectivity solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of its open API for the Fibre Café platform. This move offers Alternative Network Providers (Altnets) and Connectivity Providers the opportunity to standardise their integration capability, benefiting from years of expertise and industry collaboration.

The Fibre Café has firmly established itself as a transformative gateway within the UK’s wholesale fibre market, and its OpenAPI standards-based specification has been adopted by numerous Altnets already. By making the API open and publicly available, Strategic Imperatives takes a crucial stride towards realising its vision of reshaping the future of wholesale fibre and being part of an emerging industry standard.

This advancement empowers Altnets and Connectivity Providers to offer a standardised automation API and the flexibility to effortlessly integrate their services into the Fibre Café ecosystem. Offering a standard API ensures a consistent approach to engagement with resellers, service providers, and ISPs, thereby greatly enhancing efficiency and agility across the marketplace.

“Introducing the Fibre Café’s API is a major milestone for us that demonstrates our commitment to supporting growth and innovation in the Altnet sector”, stated Wail Sabbagh, MD of Strategic Imperatives.

“We are delighted that Altnets and Connectivity Providers can leverage our extensive knowledge base and collaborative industry efforts when it comes to delivering an effective API strategy. It goes without saying that adopters of the Fibre Cafe API are not in any way tied to the Fibre Café platform, although they would greatly benefit from a straightforward and seamless integration with the platform should they wish to join.”


Key highlights of the Fibre Café API include:

  • Seamless Collaboration: Altnets and Connectivity Providers can seamlessly integrate their solutions into the Fibre Café ecosystem, delivering a unified experience to resellers and customers alike.
  • Operational Enhancement: The API simplifies the end-to-end order process, from provisioning to customer communication, streamlining manual procedures and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Industry Standardisation: By adopting the Fibre Café API, Altnets and Connectivity Providers contribute to the industry’s much-needed standardisation efforts, paving the way for a more cohesive fibre landscape.


Strategic Imperatives has a rich history of propelling industry innovation, and the release of the Fibre Café API underscores the company’s commitment to fostering a collaborative ecosystem and a vibrant wholesale market.

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About Strategic Imperatives

Strategic Imperatives are the UK market leaders in SaaS billing, provisioning, and monetisation solutions for the telecom industry. Elevate is a ground-breaking monetisation, billing, and subscription platform created from the ground up to empower modern telcos, ISPs, and MSPs to thrive. The Fibre Café is a cost-effective, highly flexible, scalable, and ‘build once, connect to many’ solution that addresses integration issues and delivers a smooth, equal, and integrated wholesale fibre network. With a passion for driving success, Strategic Imperatives supports clients in achieving their business goals.