TalkTalk selects The Fibre Café to fast-track its Altnet Strategy

Strategic Imperatives today announced that TalkTalk has chosen its Fibre Café platform to power its AltNet integration and aggregation strategy.

The Fibre Café is Strategic Imperatives’ award-winning AltNet aggregation platform that dramatically transforms the UK’s fibre wholesale landscape.  It tackles the significant integration and automation challenges for service providers when onboarding new AltNets whilst enabling AltNets to rapidly launch wholesale propositions.

Underpinned by common processes, a national availability checker, AltNet agnostic order journeys and a unified interface, the Fibre Café re-writes the integration rules for the UK fibre wholesale market and creates a unified view of the patchwork quilt of networks and interfaces that dominates its.

Phill Magill, Chief Engineer at TalkTalk, said, “Strategic Imperatives has been a trusted partner for over ten years, providing service provisioning solutions to the group. So, it was an easy decision for us to work with them on a solution to address the challenge of streamlining and automating AltNets’ access to the wholesale market and enabling us to rapidly and cost-effectively onboard new AltNets.”

For TalkTalk, plugging into the Fibre Café was a quick and straightforward process. Both teams worked collaboratively to ensure the success of the project, and TalkTalk was invited to be a primary contributor to the Fibre Café roadmap. “This is a game changer for us, the cost and timescales for onboarding an AltNet are now significantly lower, our OSS stack is simpler, and we now have the ability to work with smaller AltNets that may not have been commercially viable before.” said Magill.

Wail Sabbagh, Managing Director at Strategic Imperatives, said Partnering with a respected and recognised organisation such as TalkTalk has been incredibly rewarding. We are proud to have contributed to TalkTalk’s vision of becoming the national value ISP of choice.

The fibre gateway is not just a technological innovation; it is born of extensive collaboration with organisations that share our vision of building a connected Digital Britain. With a growing list of service providers and AltNets onboard, The Fibre Café is creating a more equal marketplace, enhancing customer choice and creating a dynamic fibre wholesale market.” he added.