A Tempting, Superfast Broadband Menu…

Strategic Imperatives are delighted to announce the addition of BT Wholesale to the Fibre Café’s growing list of connected AltNets and fibre providers.

Our innovative ‘build once, connect to many’ approach is creating a more equal marketplace, enhancing customer choice, and creating a vibrant wholesale market.

Even though the Fibre Café is relatively a newcomer to the UK Fibre ecosystem, we are already making a significant impact. CSPs such as TalkTalk and XLN are extending their fibre footprint by adopting our gateway as their strategic Fibre integration platform and benefiting from the faster time to market, reduced integration costs and simplified BSS architecture the Fibre Cafe offers.

We are also rapidly increasing the number of fibre providers and AltNets plugged into our gateway. Last month we added Cityfibre, Community Fibre and Freedom Fibre to the Fibre gateway, reinforcing our vision of a unified national gateway into the UK fibre ecosystem.

Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. If you have a question, a suggestion or are interested in joining the Fibre Cafe to influence the platform that is rewriting the integration rules for the UK fibre wholesale market, please get in touch. It’s good to talk!