The Fibre Gateway provides a unified view of the UK fibre ecosystem.

The decision to work with a particular AltNet or connectivity provider will no longer be constrained by development priorities, costs, or resources.

Plugging into the Fibre Gateway means onboarding timescales will change from several months to a few days and the Gateway will allow communication service providers to work with smaller AltNets which would not have been commercially viable before.

Without the need to manage multiple integration points, different technologies or maintain an array of interfaces, the Fibre Gateway ensures architectural integrity and delivery agility.

Faster route to market with the ability to rapidly add AltNets with little investment

Significantly reduced development, maintenance, and operational costs

A simpler, quicker, cheaper approach to onboarding new fibre providers

Eliminates the need for a mismatch of infrastructure/technology investments and integration demands

Maintain architectural integrity & delivery agility

National availability checker, unified order journey and standardised service description

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